Beautiful Beaches to Visit this 2022

With Covid-19 border restrictions easing up across the globe, people who have been cooped up in their homes for close to two years are itching to have some sun, sand, and fun! Fortunately for you, we have curated the list of the top four most beautiful beaches for you to lounge around during your well-deserved (and needed!) trip. 

Top 4 Beautiful Beaches Across the Globe:

Matira Beach, Bora Bora

You all know that Bora Bora is one of the best places to be for people who want to lounge around all day on the beach. If you are planning to travel to Bora Bora, consider going to Matira Beach, which embodies beach perfection. You get to enjoy crystal clear blue waters, fine powdery white sand, and the best part? Do not ever think of skipping the majestic sunsets at Matira beach! What more is that this beach is only frequented by locals, so you can expect some peace and quiet at Matira Beach,

Grace Bay Beach, Turks, and Caicos

When you think of the beach and palm trees, your mind automatically thinks of the Bahamas. Grace Bay Beach is located on the main island of Turks and Caicos called the Providenciales. Providenciales is known to have one of the best stretches of white sand – and Grace Bay Beach is no exception! The beachfront has a long stretch of eight-kilometer fine powdery sand with a gorgeous clear, blue waters view. For snorkeling junkies out there, Grace Bay Beach also offers two of the world’s best snorkeling spots – the Bright Reef and the Smith Reef. If you are into animals, keep your eye out for JoJo, a friendly dolphin who considers Grace Bay Beach his playground and has been known to interact with humans once in a while.

Railay Beach, Thailand

Southeast Asia is home to the most beautiful and serene beaches globally. Having said that, it does not come as a surprise that Railay Beach in Thailand makes it to the top 5! The journey to get to Railay Beach is not easy, but it is definitely worth it. The beach is located on a remote island, and you would need to charter a boat to reach the island. Railay beach is filled with shimmery soft white sand, a turquoise lagoon, giant limestone monoliths, a dense jungle, cliffs, and caves! You have a little bit of everything on this beach.

Whitehaven Beach, Queensland Australia

Did you know that there are more than just kangaroos and koalas in the Land Down Under? You would think that the photo of Whitehaven Beach is a classic beach painting because of its perfection – but this is why this beach is hailed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world! Located at the edge of the great barrier reef, Whitehaven beach is very exclusive as you can only access this beach through a boat, seaplane, or helicopter. It goes without saying that Whitehaven beach is the perfect haven for anyone who wants to enjoy the very best that nature has to give.

You better get your sunscreen and bathing suits ready because we are sure that you will be heading to any of the beautiful beaches mentioned above for the summer season!