Four Safety Travel Tips in the New Normal

With Covid-19 restrictions easing up in some countries after the surge due to the Omicron virus, people are starting to come out of their homes and get their passports stamped to see the world in the new normal. But even with the restrictions going down, people struck with wanderlust should not let their guards down as they travel for leisure amidst the Covid-19 pandemic. Here are tips on how you can travel safely in the new normal.

How to Travel Safely in the New Normal

  1. Research Ahead

Even if your community does not have a high Covid-19 rate, the place where you will travel to may have a surge in Covid-19 infections. When traveling, it would be best if you research ahead. You can check the Covid-19 rate of the place you will be visiting. Even if you are vaccinated and take precautions during your trip, it would be best to travel to an area with a relatively low Covid-19 infection rate. Remember that vaccinations help a lot, but it is not perfect. As they always say in the medical world, prevention is always better than cure. If the place you are planning to travel to has a high Covid-19 infection rate, you can consider trying to delay your trip when things are relatively stable.

  1. Know the Vaccination Score

Before your trip, it would be best if you get vaccinated. Some countries only allow vaccinated individuals in their country, so you are encouraged to check their vaccination rules before your trip (and comply if needed).

Another important aspect you can consider is your vaccination status and the vaccination status of the employees in the hotel you will be staying in or the vaccination status of your hosts. The lure of the majority of the hotels as borders open up is that 100% of their employees are fully vaccinated – which makes it that much more appealing to travelers as it allows them to stay in a safe place.

  1. Follow Safety Protocols

Wherever you are, it is best if you follow the safety protocols that you have adhered to for the past two years. You know this by heart already! This includes washing your hands thoroughly and having alcohol or disinfectant wipes with you at all times. Wear your mask! Even if your mask can be quite uncomfortable to wear, or you would not be at your most photogenic self with a mask next to the Empire State Building – a bad picture is better than catching Covid. Lastly, especially during the peak travel times, there can be many people. Even if it is difficult, ensure ample safety around yourself (6 meters!).

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  1. Disinfect your Hotel Room

We are pretty sure that the hotel staff does much disinfection to keep you healthy and safe, but there is nothing wrong with disinfecting your hotel room once more. Specifically, be sure to spritz any disinfecting solution in the bathroom and your bed because those are high-touch areas.

There you have it – these are the four tips you can use so that you can travel safely in the new normal.