Stuart and Missy’s Enchanting Escapade in Conway, SC

Stuart and Missy’s Enchanting Escapade in Conway, SC: A Canadian Couple’s Quest for Uncovering Treasures

Greetings, adventure enthusiasts! We are Stuart and Missy, your cheerful Canadian duo on a quest to uncover new experiences, immerse ourselves in the world’s wonders, and ignite our zest for life. Today, we invite you to join us on our captivating journey through Conway, SC. Fasten your seatbelts, grab a tasty treat, and prepare for an unforgettable adventure!

The Local Market & Deli: A Scrumptious Starting Point

Our Conway escapade started with a delectable lunch at The Local Market & Deli ( Before our vegan commitment, Missy relished a tempting Philly Cheesesteak while we both enjoyed an interesting South Carolinian rendition of Poutine. Although the local variation was delicious, it couldn’t match the genuine French-Canadian poutine we hold dear!

Meandering Through Downtown Conway: Discovering Quaint Shops and Scenic Beauty

With our hunger satisfied, we embarked on a relaxed walking tour of downtown Conway. We perused charming local stores, marveling at the one-of-a-kind finds unique to small-town America. As we ambled along the stunning Waccamaw River, we encountered a high-water mark left by Hurricane Florence in 2018, a stark reminder of nature’s power.

The Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Depot: A Timeless Voyage to Bygone Days

Next, we ventured to the historic Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Depot, an ancient train station in Horry County. Constructed in 1928, this elongated, rectangular, one-story, gable-roofed, frame board-and-batten structure transported us to a period when train journeys epitomized elegance and enchantment.

Auto World of Conway (Or Is It?): An Intriguing Assortment of Classic Automobiles

Our final stop in Conway led us to what we presumed was Auto World of Conway. Upon closer inspection, however, it appeared this location might be a private haven for a classic car aficionado. Regardless, we were delighted to explore a fantastic array of vintage vehicles, some immaculately preserved and others awaiting their moment of revival.


Ultimately, our Conway, SC excursion was filled with delightful surprises, enchanting settings, and a tantalizing taste of local customs. We hope our adventure inspires you to embark on your voyages, uncovering life’s hidden treasures. Don’t forget to follow our YouTube channel for more thrilling experiences, and always remember that life is an adventure worth pursuing!