Five Simple Travel Tips for Long Flights

The ongoing pandemic has halted travel plans for many foreigners and potential tourists. And while travel plans are currently on hold, people have a little more bandwidth to plan their next trips in the future once the pandemic is over. Here are some of the travel tips for long flights to prepare for future travels. Let’s take a look at these travel hacks and trips.

  1. Be comfortable!

Being trapped in an airplane for long hours can be uncomfortable and frustrating. This is why you should go for comfort instead of style (or if you can do both, the better!) when boarding an aircraft for your flight. Skip the body con dress and killer stiletto heels and opt for stylish and comfortable sweatpants and sneakers instead! Closed types of shoes are better than open-toed sandals or flip-flops. Another travel pro-tip is since the airplanes’ air-conditioning systems are blasted at full capacity, make sure to bring with you a light jacket or shawl so that if the temperature becomes too chilly for you, you can easily have something to keep you warm. 

  1. Get a Good Seat in the Airplane

Snagging a good seat on the airplane is an absolute MUST for anyone who wants to have a comfortable flight. One way to do this is to avail of the early check-in procedures that most airlines offer. Usually, email reminders would be sent to passengers a couple of days before their scheduled flight. Some airlines would offer FREE early check-in perks that allow you to reserve your seat ahead of time. Other airlines will also offer early check-in perks for a minimal fee or if you have good airline mileage or points. Here are some pr-tips on how you can get a good seat on the airplane:

  • Choose exit row seats if you want additional leg space;
  • If you want a calm peaceful atmosphere during your flight, avoid choosing a seat at the front rows of the plane as these rows are usually reserved for parents with babies;
  • If you want to have a quick stretch in the plane or have quick access to the restrooms, choose an aisle seat.
  1. Prepare for a Good Night’s Sleep

Since you will be trapped in the airplane for long hours, make sure you bring sleep essentials to make you sleep easier and more comfortable on the plane ride. Bring a light blanket with you so that you can keep yourself warm, and make sure you also bring a travel or neck pillow to avoid neck cramps or pain when you wake up; another pro-tip is to carry with you travel hygiene essentials such as a small perfume, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb, a small facial soap, and lotion. These will surely help you feel a little bit fresher after a long flight. 

  1. Bring your own Snacks

The food that the airlines serve would often be expensive and may not follow your preferred taste palate. To ensure that you have nibbles on the flight (with a tasty snack or two!) during your long flight, consider buying your snacks before boarding your aircraft. Be sure to stock up with water, chocolates, chips, or nuts so you can munch on something during your flight.

Fluid Pouring in Pint Glass
  1. Stay hydrated

Because of the flight altitudes, the dry sensation you experience while 10,000 feet above the ground can trigger feelings of dehydration. Ensure that you are well hydrated during your flight. Some airlines would offer free water, but there would be a minimal price for other airlines. It is best to ensure you have a bottle of water (or two!) handy and within your reach to make yourself hydrated. A pro-tip is to bring with you empty bottled water, and you can ask the flight attendant to refill it for free!