Winter Wonderland: China showcases Spectacular City made out of Ice and Snow

Pre-pandemic, one of the many global tourist destinations that people flock to is China. There are many historical places where people can learn about China’s tradition and unique culture, such as the famed Great Wall of China in Beijing, the elusive Forbidden City where only a few people can enter, the Summer Palace, which is an iconic lakeside retreat for royalty, and Shanghai’s the Bund which is a famous waterside walkway with breath-taking views of Shanghai.

Besides famous tourist attractions, China also hosts plenty of festivals where tourists can witness and even participate. Some of the most popular Chinese festivals are the Chinese New Year festival, the highly anticipated Lantern festival, the Qingmin festival, the Dragonboat Festival, and the Mid-autumn festival.  With the outbreak primarily located in China and global travel restrictions imposed all over the world started to take place, tourists have very few opportunities to witness what China has to offer, especially during 2020. With the promise of a new year in 2021 and the Covid-19 outbreak in control, local tourism activity in China has been steadily increasing. One popular tourist destination is the magical Snow and Ice city at Harbin. Let us look at how spectacular the place is.

Harbin Snow and Ice Festival

As China starts to loosen its Covid-19 protocols because of decreasing number of Covvid-19 cases, many tourists have started going on a much-needed vacation. One such tourist destination is the Snow and Ice City at Harbin, located in the Heilongjiang province. Every winter, the city holds its annual Harbin Snow and Ice Festival, which features many ice arts, snow events, and performances on the ice. The magnificent ice creations will put Elsa’s ice palace to shame with its carefully sculpted details, intricate designs, and playful colors that will make both kids and adults feel amazed. The theme for 2021 is “Crystal Palace,” where some of the park highlights include 220 square foot fully functional ice bar and a scale model of China’s first aircraft carrier made from snow, among others.

Covid-19 Protocols

Even though the reported Covid-19 cases for China are steadily decreasing, the government is till imposing health and safety protocols especially in events that can draw a large crowd. For the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival, guests would need to purchase a ticket in advance, depending on the time they want to go, to control the number of people in the area. All guests would also need to present a health code when entering the park, have their temperatures checked, and make sure that they always wear their facemasks when inside the premises. Social distancing protocols and signs are also distributed in the park to remind guests of health protocols. The health code of all guests would need to be through China’s official Covid-19 health app, which serves as official documentation that they are Covid-free. The app also serves as a contact-tracing app if guests feel ill and need to be contacted afterward.

A Sight to Remember

Indeed, the Harbin Snow and Ice Festival is a sight to remember. Hopefully, when things move forward to the new normal, tourists can have a chance to travel to China and witness in-person the majestic snow and Ice display of Harbin.