The Top 4 Best Mountains To Climb

As the world’s population becomes more and more environmentally conscious, we begin to see a shift towards an industry that is beginning to be appreciated.

Mountain climbing has long been criticized as a sport that takes away from nature and harms the environment because of all the trash climbers leave behind. This belief that mountains should be left untouched is what used to make people feel guilty about going out into nature. But now it seems, with all the new technology aiding us, people are realizing how little damage they actually do. In fact, many organizations have begun funding things like recycling bins on top of mountains so climbers can dispose of their waste properly before heading home or continuing up another mountain!

When looking at some of Earth’s most beautiful natural structures, mountains always come first to mind. From the lush forests and foliage to soaring peaks with glacial tops, mountains seem to be a wilderness worth exploring. And as we all know, there is nothing more environmentally friendly than traveling through nature by foot; we carry all of our own supplies and only take what we need from the land.

So, if you’re looking for a way to get out into nature and appreciate some of Earth’s most unspoiled trails, look no further than mountain climbing! There are countless opportunities just waiting for you to embark on your journey into the wild world of hiking. Just make sure you purchase enough supplies and plan accordingly so that you don’t find yourself high and dry without anything but your own sweat and tears.

1. Mount Saint Helena – 1,909 m / 6,291 ft California, USA

The first mountain on our list is a beginner’s dream and a pro’s nightmare. Being one of the easier mountains to climb doesn’t mean it isn’t worth it though. You can summit this beautiful beast in three easy steps: A) find someone who knows where the trail is B) follow them C) climb to top with minimal effort! But beware because due to its low degree of difficulty many people have summited this majestic mountain. It’s kind of like being at an awesome party with your friends but also having random strangers coming in and telling you they are better than you. 

2. Mount Watkin – 1,813 ft / 546 m Wales, UK

This mountain is another beginner’s dream. It stands tall as one of the few mountains with a functioning chair lift! Up at the top it has an interestingly shaped restaurant with breathtaking views over Snowdonia National Park. We don’t know how good the food is there but looking out over the landscape is definitely worth it even if it is just some chips or whatever they have to offer at this place. The easiest way up Mount Watkin starts from Llanberis so if you’re lucky you’ll get to ride up with all the fun people who chose this way. Beware of the weather though! It is very easy to get caught in a storm on this mountain so be careful if you want to experience the chair lift ride without getting wet and cold!

3. Dragontail Peak – 9,512 ft / 2,899 m Washington, USA

Being by far the largest mountain on our list it’s also one for professionals only. We decided that it deserves its place mostly due to its beauty both outside and inside. The common way up is through Snow Lake which gives you access to some big ass glaciers where you can practice your ice tooling skills. If it ever gets too crowded, you can always sneak over to the North Ridge which offers amazing views over the Enchantments. Not many people know about this trail so it’s definitely worth exploring if you’re looking for a nice adventure.

4. Mount Elbert – 4,400 m / 14,436 ft Colorado, USA

This is one of those mountains that are very close to being on the top of our list but fell just short because of its lack of challenge. It can be accessed through three trails: East Ridge, West Slopes & Northeast Ridge so choosing your path is pretty straightforward (unless there is snow/rain). The summit offers unparalleled views over the San Isabel National Forest and nearby towns like Leadville and Twin Lakes. Also, not many people know about this mountain so it’s perfect if you want to get away from the noise and be one with nature.