Top Five Things To Do In Vietnam

Vietnam is a marvelous travel destination for all. Karst topography, stunning bays, thrilling caves, colorful markets, and sizzling nightlife are the fascinating elements that have made Vietnam a traveler’s paradise. And this paradise offers a plethora of things to do in Vietnam.

Before you get jumbled up completely, we have compiled a list of the most interesting things to do and see in Vietnam. From kayaking to cave crawling, and from hiking to shopping, the list is endless and all-embracing.

  1. Halong Bay

Locally known as the ‘descending dragons’, the Halong Bay has plush green islands scattered all over. Apart from enjoying the charming beauty of the place, cruising in antique Chinese junk and kayaking in the bay area are some of the thrilling things to do in Vietnam. Be sure not to miss the fantastic karst formations, floating villages, natural grottoes, and bird watching. The cruise charge is around VND 2700,000. Charges vary depending on the type of cruise, services offered, and duration.

  1. Mekong Delta

Mekong Delta presents an idyllic picture of the rustic and scenic rural landscape of the country and is, certainly, one of the most alluring tourist attractions in Vietnam. Cruising through this scenic deltaic creek is one of the popular and best things to do in South Vietnam. It is a perfect delight for travelers to sail in a traditional Vietnamese boat in the Mekong Delta.

  1. Exotic Food

Like in any other destination, pampering the taste buds is among the best things to do in Vietnam. And with the yummilicious Pho and the steaming hot Vietnamese coffee, the experience is simply delightful.

Pho, a signature dish in Vietnam, is made up of rice noodles, broth, herbs, vegetables, and meat. To relish the most authentic and sumptuous taste, one must try Pho at famous restaurants in Vietnam. These include, among others, Pho 2000, Pho Quynh, Pho 24, Pho Bo Vien Thap Cam, Pho Thin Ha Noi, and Pho Hoa.

Coffee lovers should not miss local coffee at Cosmo Café, M2C café, L’usine Dong Khoi, and Thoai Vien Café. For those who love experimenting with food, Snake Wine (made from Cobra) and Scorpion Rice Wine are must-try drinks. The drinks are, in addition to being edible and safe, highly beneficial for health.

  1. Cu Chi Tunnel Network

Cu Chi is known for the spectacular underground tunnel network, built during the French and American War in 1940. This 250 km long tunnel web was constructed for communication purposes and consisted of hidden routes and trapped doors for a safe escape to the nearby rivers, streams, and canals. Many of the tunnels have now been expanded and opened for tourists. People can actually crawl through them and get a feel of the bygone days – how locals used to hide in such a choking setup.

  1. Hỏa Lò Prison

Ironically known as Hỏa Lò Prison, this is a heritage site where political prisoners were kept during American War. Also known as Hanoi Hilton, this is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Vietnam. People visit Hilton prison to see various items related to the Vietnamese struggle during the various wars. The prison-turned-museum is a delight for photographers and history enthusiasts.