The Golden Castle: Exploring the Nagoya Castle

To understand Japan, you should first look at the most prominent architecture in the country as it is ripe in the country’s history. One such architecture is the golden castle of Japan which is Nagoya Castle. Let us look at the history of the castle and why it is considered as one of the most important architectural wonders in the country.

Visiting Nagoya Castle Grounds


The Honmaru Palace was completed in the mid-1610s. During this time, the Honmaru was used as the primary residence of feudal lords. You can also see a couple of administrative offices in this area. What makes Nagoya’s Castle unique is that the interior decor of the palace is richly decorated with intricate paintings and metal fittings. You can see quality art in Honmaru. This is why Honmaru is designated as a National Treasure in Japan!

Tower Keep

It is a shame that the main tower is closed to the public because it is a magnificent piece that is salient to the Nagoya Castle. This structure was destroyed in air raids. It is also closed because it is an old structure.

Ninomaru Garden

The Ninomaru Garden is one of Japan’s largest gardens that was previously enjoyed by the feudal lords who were residing in Nagoya Castle.

Fun Facts About Nagoya Castle


Part of the Japanese folklore where this animal has the head of a tiger and the body of a carp fish. This symbol is usually placed at the roof of temples because they believe that the Shachihoko can protect them from raging fires as they are known to bring about rain. Remember that back in the day, many of the structures and temples in Japan were made from wood, hence, it was quite easy for these materials to be caught on fire. Placing the Shachihoko on the roof will protect the structure from catching fire.

Camellia Tree

The Camellia tree has bore witness to the history of Nagoya Castle. It was said that the Camellia tree burned down during the war; however, new buds have grown, and the Camellia tree stands strong and proud up to today because of grafting methods.

Food on Castle Grounds

No Japan trip will be complete without tasting sumptuous and authentic Japanese food, and food on the Nagoya Castle grounds is no exception. You can see a couple of food stalls near the castle gates and entrances. Some of the food that they offer are soft serve ice cream and Japanese street food. The only restaurant in the castle is the Kishimen Restaurant which serves delicious Udon noodles.


Even though the Nagoya Castle in itself is a majestic sight to behold, there are seasons where tourists are recommended to see the castle. One such festival is the Nagoya Castle Spring Festival where you can see many Cherry blossoms bloom. A travel pro tip is to check out the castle at night because you can see marvelous lights spread throughout the castle!

If you want to understand more about Japan, its history, and culture, consider visiting Nagoya Castle. The castle is ripe with history, great architecture, and historical timepieces that will make you appreciate more about Japan’s rich history and culture. Hopefully, the information above will help you know more information about Nagoya Castle and will help you book a trip to Japan and witness its magnificence!