Couple Jonathan and Julie Ashworth Managed To Travel The World Only By House Sitting

Have you ever wanted to travel, but money or time was not on your side? Well some people get lucky and meet a couple who travels the world solely by house sitting! 

House sitting is when you stay at someone’s house for free while they are away. Usually these houses belong to wealthy individuals that want their home taken care of while they are gone on vacation or longer trips. This may sound like an easy way to travel the world with no money, but it does require some hard work on your end. For example, let’s say this couple did not have time to wash all the towels used during their previous visit? Now instead of just asking their host to send over a few extra towels, they have to wash every towel in the house! 

This job is a great way for animal lovers to travel the world. Usually you can expect care and feeding of any animals that live at your destination. It’s common that these pets could be left alone for days or even weeks while their owner travels around, so it’s important to make sure all their needs are met. Some pet sitters even take care of farms with chickens, goats, cows! In return for taking care of these animals, they get free food from the farm. That’s one more meal covered by someone else’s money! 

House sitting has been becoming increasingly popular because homeowners don’t have to worry about their home being broken into while they are away. It’s basically like having a live-in caretaker at your house, but you get to travel around the world.

House sitting also allows you the chance to meet other travelers that usually come by for a visit! The couple who wrote this article met people from all over the world just because they were house sitting!

The couple who travels the world solely by house sitting is becoming popular because it’s an easy way to see new places without spending too much money! You could visit exotic countries like Thailand or Greece or any place in between while living rent free…and with some food included too! 

People looking to make friends and experience different cultures should consider house sitting if they ever hope to travel the world!

The couple who travels the world by house sitting has inspired many to look at travel in a completely new light. Instead of spending hundreds or thousands on plane tickets, why not spend your time taking care of someone else’s dwelling? Doing so can get you free food, all-expense paid vacations and even give you a chance to meet other interesting people from around the world. 

If you love animals this may be the perfect opportunity for you too. House sitters are usually tasked with taking care of any pets that live in these houses while their owners are away. This means that you could take your dog with you if he gets lonely or feed some chickens to receive dinner tonight. It’s also common to see farm animals like goats, cows and even horses on these farms.