Nine Ways To Get Bumped Into First Class In Your Next Flight

There are a few ways to get bumped up to first class on your next flight. 

  1. Use Your Frequent Flyer Miles

The easiest way is to use your airline’s frequent flyer program. If you have a lot of miles, or if you have a high status level, you’re more likely to be upgraded.

  1. Buy a More Expensive Ticket

Another way to increase your chances of getting bumped up is to book a premium seat. This could include seats that are closer to the front of the plane or that have more legroom. Airlines are often more likely to bump someone up to first class if they have a premium seat.

  1. Fly during off-peak hours

Another way to increase your chances of getting bumped up is to fly during off-peak hours. Airlines often have more empty seats in first class during these times, so you may have a better chance of being upgraded.

  1. Check in early

One of the best ways to get bumped up to first class is to check in early. Airlines often have more seats available in first class than they do in economy, so if you check in early, you may be more likely to get bumped up.

  1. Be nice to the gate agent

Being friendly and courteous can go a long way, so make sure to say hello and be polite when you check in.

  1. Talk to your Agent

Finally, you can try to talk to the gate agent before your flight. If there are any open seats in first class, the agent might be able to put you on the list for an upgrade. Just be polite and humble and explain that you’d love to enjoy the extra comfort of first class. In any case, it never hurts to ask! The worst that can happen is that you’ll be told no. But if you’re lucky, you might get the upgrade you’ve been hoping for. Enjoy your next flight in style! 

  1. Pay Extra For The Ticket

Another way to get an upgrade is to be willing to pay for one. Airlines often release a limited number of first-class seats for sale before a flight, and those tickets tend to sell out quickly. If you’re desperate for a first-class seat, consider paying extra for one.

  1. Be Loyal To An Airline

The most common way is to be invited by the airline for an upgrade. Airlines often reward their best customers with complimentary upgrades, so if you’ve been a loyal customer, it never hurts to ask.

  1. Dress The Part

Pack your yoga pants, torn jeans, and flip-flops, and wear something that belongs in first class. You don’t have to wear a suit (although it wouldn’t hurt). Just wear something professional, and show that you belong. Bob Atkinson, travel expert at, advises sticking to the “smart casual” code, and that “a cashmere shawl or linen jacket can make all the difference.”

Now that you know how to get bumped up to first class, what are you waiting for? Book your next flight and enjoy the extra comfort and luxury of first class. You won’t regret it!