Belize Is Set To Introduce Mandatory Covid-19 Insurance For Owners Of All Motorized Vessels

The move was announced Wednesday by the Belize Tourism Board, which said it has signed an agreement with marine insurer Covid-19, one that will require coverage for accidents involving personal injury or property damage that occur in Belizean waters. 

Vessels are now required to have proof of third party liability coverage pending further government regulations regarding vessel registration and transfer fees, as well as increased maritime security measures to be implemented over time.

Maritime Affairs Manager at the BTB, Rebecca Balmir Browne stated – “This is a necessary step forward towards making recreational boating safer within the country’s waters.” She added that she hopes this initiative will result in a reduction in the number of accidents involving vessels by encouraging boaters to take out covid-19 insurance. “We will continue with our efforts to increase awareness among the local population and visitors about the benefits of this vital initiative.”

Chairman of Covid-19, John Nelson stated that he is very pleased that an agreement has been reached between his company and Belize Tourism Board. He said his team at Covid-19 will do everything possible to ensure smooth implementation. Mr. Nelson added, “This is one important step in mitigating risk experienced during recreational activities within Belize’s waters.”

Nelson has so far highlighted some key terms which are part of this newly signed agreement: All new boat registrations shall include proof of third party liability covid-19 insurance. All existing vessel registrations must provide evidence of third party liability covid-19 insurance coverage by March 31, 2012. 

It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that his or her insurer and policy number issued in Belize are confirmed and on file with the Maritime Department before any vessel registrations expire during this timeframe.