Top Three Tips On How To Organize A Trip With A Large Group

Group trips can be the best or worst type of trip ever. They can become one of the most amazing times of our lives, where we bond with our travel companions and reminisce about the group trip for years to come. Others, well… not so much.

Traveling as a group can mean inside jokes, great stories, learning more about how to travel, and plenty of laughs. Unfortunately, it usually also involves more precise planning and a lot of organization, which can lead to tension, indecisiveness, and bad planning.

We love group travel, and so we want to help you plan the best group trip possible and make it one of the great ones! Whether it’s a school break trip, a party vacation with friends, a group hiking trip, or attending a festival, there are a lot of things to consider when you’re planning a group trip.

Here are some tips to get your group trip planning on the right route:

  1. Have a Group Leader

In an ideal world, you could organize a group trip as, well, a group. But realistically, it’s best to appoint a group leader or two, even just to be the go-to person who knows how the planning is progressing and what needs to be done next.

If having one person as a leader seems a bit much, you could also have different people in charge of different aspects of the group trip. For example, one person for accommodation, one for researching activities and things to do, etc. You can still discuss and agree on the final choices as a group, but it will mean that the work isn’t all done by one person and that everything does actually get organized!

  1. Agree on a Budget

One of the stickiest points of group trip planning is often the budget because people can have very different ideas about how much money they like to spend when they’re traveling.

As a group, you should agree on a budget for your trip and then adhere to it.

A maximum budget for trip necessities like accommodation will mean there are no surprises for anyone when it comes to paying for the group trip! Of course, some experiences can be optional so group members can decide whether or not they want to participate, but make sure that’s clear too.

Think about having a shared pot of money while you’re traveling as a group, especially if you’re staying in accommodation where you can buy your own food and drinks and cook together. It’ll be easier than constantly working out how to split bills on the road.

  1. Book flights first

The price of flights or ground transport can drastically increase the closer the trip date gets, plus spaces can fill up leaving no room for a big group.

When you’re planning a group trip make sure you book your travel early to get the best deals and make sure you have enough space for the whole group.

Check if there is a group rate that you can take advantage of if you’re traveling by train or road transport.