The Top Five Must-Visit Food Festivals Around The World

One of the major things to explore in every destination is its food! The type of cuisine changes every few hundred miles, offering something diverse and all the more finger licking on your platter every time. With these stupendous food festivals around the world, you can run amok to fill your bellies with your favorite culinary delights and enjoy a range of entertaining activities and events. With each of these carnivals topping the other and offering something unique, they are nothing less than a heaven for foodies across the world. It’s time to let your unconditional love for food do the talking and ditch those useless diet goals.

Scroll down to find out how much fun all you foodies have been missing out on in the world. Shortlist the ones you’ll be visiting, from the below-given list of food festivals around the world 2022 that you’ll be visiting and the cuisines you’ll be sampling. And while you’re at it, don’t just stop at one!

  1. Pizzafest in Naples

Join zillions of people on this fine night of September when the village of Naples gears up to make and consume more than 100,000 pizzas of every kind, ranging from 50-odd historic versions including classics Napoletana, Margherita, and Marinara! No wonder it’s among the best food festivals in the world for pizza lovers!

  1. Oktoberfest in Germany

Come, be part of the world’s greatest celebration of beer with millions of other beer lovers who flock to Germany every year for Oktoberfest. From the finest of brews for you to chug, spill, and bathe in, to culinary delights like bratwurst, pretzels, and roasted meats, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Along with the amazing variety and quantity of beer you get here, the festival also lets you enjoy some tasty dishes. Hands down, it is one of the most famous food festivals in the world.

  1. Bacon Festival in California

Yes, you heard it right! There is a festival in the world that is solely dedicated to bacon. The world goes gaga over bacon, so you have no excuse to not visit one of the best food festivals around the world. The meat-loving population of the world can go crazy hogging on dishes like bacon gelato, bacon salad, bacon ramen and bacon tater tots.

  1. Salon Du Chocolat in Ecuador

Are you a fan of chocolates and fashions alike? Then you must head to taste some high-quality chocolates produced in Ecuador and attend the Salon du Chocolat festival in Quito. The festival lets you relish the taste of the finest of chocolates, and watch a fashion show with models wearing dresses made of…any guesses what?

  1. Dumpling Festival in Hong Kong

Does your mouth start to water when you think of steamy and juicy dumplings? If yes, then this festival is just for you. Savor the taste of zongzi dumplings – glutinous rice with different fillings wrapped in bamboo, lotus or banana leaves – on the fifth day of the fifth Chinese lunar month. Engulf yourself in a sea of dumplings and the amiable hospitality of the Chinese people.