The Top Five Landscapes in Ukraine

If your wanderlust is itching and you want to explore the great outdoors, one of the best places you can visit in Ukraine. Ukraine is a European country considered one of the most scenic countries you can ever visit. It offers many breathtaking views and spectacular landscapes. Ukraine has attracted an average of 10 million tourists since 2014, which is a testament that people enjoy Ukraine’s flora and fauna. The country is filled with glorious mountains, heavenly waterfalls, and scenic lakes. Let’s take a look at the top landscapes that Ukraine offers.

  1. Carpathian Mountains Region

The Carpathian Mountains Region offers a 1500m majestic sight of mountains that marks one of Ukraine’s most iconic sights to behold. There are also a variety of ski resorts in the Carpathian Mountains Region, which makes it ideal for anyone who would want to take a break out in the cold. The Mountains region is also endowed with beautiful natural landscapes such as mountains and hills perfect for hikers, majestic waterfalls perfect for the daring ones who would want to go cliff-diving, and even crazy rivers for daredevils wanting to go white water rafting!

  1. Carpathian National Nature Park

Ever imagined picturesque countryside straight out of one of the children’s fairy tale stories? Breathtaking valleys and natural springs come to life with Carpathian National Nature Park! This park is Ukraine’s first-ever state reserve which dates back to 1980. This is perfect for both rookie and more experienced hikers as it offers a variety of hiking routes. The lowest point is 500 meters while the highest is 2000 meters. 

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  1. Azov Coast

Ukraine does not only host picturesque landscapes, but it is also home to great beaches! The Azov Coast boasts of very clear and pristine waters with soft, feathery, almost-white sand. The coast attracts both Ukrainian locals and foreigners alike. Small villages near the coastline make the Azov Coast very accessible to people.

  1. Kamianets-Podilskyi

Ukraine is also known for its majestic castles, one of which is the Kamianets-Podilskyi. Rife with a breathtaking view amidst a sea of trees, the castle is a notable landmark that hosts the local annual International Military Festival. During this season, both locals and foreigners witness Ethnic Musical festivals, local shows, and friendly competitions. With all its fanfare and cool activities, this is a definite must-see attraction in Ukraine!

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  1. Dnieper River

Dnieper River is one of the most prominent European rivers which flow through Russia and the Black Sea. River tours are popular tourist attractions as it cruises through the picturesque Ukrainian city that offers a harmonious blend of a modern cityscape and rich natural landscapes. It is best to take the cruise during the late afternoon to have a stunning view of the sun as it sets on the Ukrainian horizon.

  1. Waterfall Shypit

This popular Ukrainian tourist attraction is a sight to behold in any season – whether it’s covered with winter wonderland snow or fresh spring greens.  The sound of the waterfall, which can be heard even from a great distance, is akin to someone whispering, which is just one of the many mysteries attributed to Waterfall Shypit. This is one of the must-sees in Ukraine!

The Ukrainian landscapes mentioned above are only a few of the natural wonders that Ukraine has to offer. Ukraine is a lush place endowed with many natural landscapes that offer a unique experience for those who want to be in tune with nature.