Satisfy your Cravings: Four Local Fast-food brands in Japan Under $20

If you plan to travel to Japan, it would be good to know if your favorite fast-food brand is ever-present in the country, competing with the local chains. The best part is to try the unique brand products they serve that are only available in Japan. Fortunately for you, this article will give you all the best eats in Japan for under $20! We know that Japan can be an expensive country with their food – with Michelin star restaurants serving authentic ramen, Kobe Beef, and wagyu beef.

Japan’s local fast-food chains

With Japan’s rich culture, their culture inevitably seeps through its local cuisine. Local Japanese cuisine is most known for its rich oriental flavor and unique taste that one can only experience in Japan! Let’s take a look at several popular local Japanese fast-food chains that both locals and foreigners frequent.

A bowl of food

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  1. Yoshinoya

Yoshinoya is considered one of the most popular fast-food chains in Japan. They serve their specialty – beef noodles. This fast-food restaurant attracts a wide variety of audiences of all genders and from all walks of life, popular among Japanese locals and foreigners alike! It helps that Yoshinoya has English translations that make it easy for foreigners to order. Because of its popularity, Yoshinoya branched out to the US and other Asian countries, though if foreigners want the most authentic hot beef noodle experience, Japan is the place to be!

  1. Matsuya 

Considered a fierce competitor of Yoshinoya, Matsuya is a fast-food restaurant that also serves hot beef bowl noodles and their famous curry dishes. Because of its popularity, Matsuya fanned out around 800 branches across Japan. More Japanese locals visit Matsuya than foreigners because, unfortunately, this fast-food restaurant does not have English translations. However, Japanese locals would attest that Matsuya’s steaming hot beef bowls are comparable to Yoshinoya’s!

A burger on a plate

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  1. Freshness Burger

Whatever type of burger, whether big or small, name it, and Freshness Burger probably has it! Freshness Burger’s menu offers a wide variety of burgers, including vegetarian options for our vegan friends. They are also known to serve good coffee, and they certainly do not scrimp on condiments as they offer a plethora of exotic sauces and condiments apart from your typical ketchup and mustard combination. 

  1. MOS Burger

Mos Burgers are patterned from Western burgers, where these burgers are typically loaded with a lot of toppings such as bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes. Because these burgers are huge in size, people usually eat them sideways and use the leftover sauce to coat their fries! These burgers also have a Japanese flavor infused with Mos Rice Burger Shrimp Tempura and the famous Mos Yasai Burger. 

Japan can still be considered a classic country that values tradition above all else. While the western influences in the food industry are present anywhere in the country, Japan finds its way to infuse its culture and distinctive flavor for a uniquely Japanese experience. While in Japan, make sure that you experience at least some of the varied and exciting local fast-food brands. Plan for your ultimate food trip – it’s some kind of amazing adventure!